About WebAfford.com

WebAfford.com has been in business since 2004, I formed WebAfford.com after returning from a 5 year software consulting gig in Europe. I wanted to design small business websites with a bigger focus on how that site will be used to enhance the online presence of the business.

Many businesses already have a website, but have done little to make it work for them.  They may have even had the site optimized for search engines, however, that did little to drive business to their front office. While other companies by the nature of their business received a lot of traffic from customers trying to find out what are latest product offerings or events. Each business is unique and has to be assessed or analyzed before any plan of action can be considered.

The Effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization

There has to be an assertive effort to build an online presence. It’s an investment in the business, it’s part of the value of the business. Over the last 13 years I’ve seen a lot of offerings for search engine optimization and most do not deliver the value to the client. SEO can only go so far to drive business, even though some business have used SEO very successfully to build specialty sites with high traffic, this had something to do with the nature of their business. Their company definitely benefited from SEO, but it was not the SEO alone that got it, that traffic may have come from existing customers that bought or visited a store or event, or someone heard about the company from a friend through a social post. So again, SEO can only go so far.

What Else Can We Do?

We design sites that match the branding and themes of the customer and their industry. This is however only a First Step effort.  A complete Road Map for deriving revenue from online efforts needs to be built and that can only be done by someone that understands business.   Strategies are great, but one must operate in an Agile manner, with each step in the plan following a cycle of planning, designing, testing, launching and evaluating. Repeating this cycle over and over again, until the larger goal is met.