eCommerce Home and Garden Marketplace

Using the number one eCommerce platform on planet earth is a good way to start.

It was easy to select, but building out an eCommerce site is no small task.  What are some of the configuration that will need to be done to make the store fully functional.

Products – You have to have product to sell.  Images, videos, descriptions, titles, features, configurations (sizes, colors, etc), search optimizing the products to be better performers than the competition,

Shipping – Sure, just put it in a box and mail it, right?  Sorry not so fast, who will you use, USPS, Fedex, UPS, Amazon FBA, Other Fulfillment houses?  What methods will you offer, overnight, the slow boat from China?   Will you maintain the shipping rates or connect to a carriers web service to calculate shipping at time of order.

Taxes – What State Do You Sell From, Where Do You Sell, Who Do You Pay or Do You Have to Pay?

Inventory warehousing, demand planning, forecasting.  Does your supplier dropship.

Closing the Sale:  Reviews, Social media