The value of SEO for new domains and the history of pre-existing domains

Unfortunately, every business startup jumps the gun on purchasing a domain name.  A thoughtful team has researched and developed a name for a product or company that is marketable and recognizable to product or service being sold.   They may have even purchased a premium domain name.  However, they may not have researched the domain names history or consider the marketability of a new domain name.

These are important considerations.  What if the domain name had been owned by a scam operation ripping off retirees. You certainly would want years old references to that domain to be associated with your new venture.

And how marketable is a new domain?   Many SEO experts fail to inform the new owners that doing a great Search Engine Optimization of the new website may not have any short term gains.  In other words, the new website, even beautifully designed and perfectly optimized for Google and Bing, may not rise high enough in natural search results for anyone to ever navigate to a results page where a reference is found to the new website.

This means that out of the gate there is no ROI on this effort, unless it is combined with further efforts to leverage other people web assets that do appear high enough in natural search results.