Internet Marketing is all about getting found on the web using a synergistic approach. We specialize in all of the major categories needed for a successful internet marketing campaign that work together to get you found by people searching on the web. Then we use various approaches to turn those people into paying customers. Some of the services we offer: Website Creation Blogging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Online Paid Ads Landing Pages Online Press Releases Email Marketing A good marketing strategy typically involves using a variety of advertising channels, with a clear understanding of the purpose for each.

Bing Shopping History 2006 MSN adCenter introduced (displayed Yahoo! ads).

My introduction to the world of internet advertising, from the backend happen in 2006/2007 at Yahoo Marketing in Burbank, CA. Bing Shopping History 2006 MSN adCenter introduced (displayed Yahoo! ads). I was spell bound for the first week I was at Yahoo, the first two days I could barely type on my keyboard.   I couldn’t believe it, I had interviewed for a position over the phone that I couldn’t hear what company the interviewer had said.  They hired me, then I got details on where to go and I couldn’t believe it, I was going to a founder of the internet age ‘Yahoo’ . Yahoo was a great experience, although completely brain draining and physically exhausting.  I was already past my prime time, here I was 44 years old working with a team of twenty and thirty somethings.  It was fast paced and the technology was fascinating.   To go by the glassed rooms where the whole of Yahoo Marketing monitored the Ad Networks that span across the globe.  To see some of the designs on how it was built at it’s core.   There was also fun, there was an in-house cafe bar and rec room with a Foosball table, granted I hadn’t played foosball since I was a teen, but I picked it back up soon enough and had a blast, it gave me a chance to interact with people from all over the building. I knew it at the time that it was my one shot to be around the cutting edge of internet technology, you just know, this isn’t happening again, so you drink it up for all it is.

The meaning SEO

Traditionally SEO as the term indicates was the process of analyzing content for a site, using tools to select the best keyword phrases and to use those phrases throughout the content of a page and site.  It also meant building relationships with other websites, especially authority sites and somehow getting those sites to host a link to the page or site being optimized.  In simple terms, the combination of the optimized keyword phrases and nexus of the content, and the sites that link to it, helped search engines, firstly Google, make an algorithmic determination of the importance of the site in its nexus to the topic or keyword phrase.  The more important the page or site, the more it is considered a hub of knowledge that search engine users may be seeking.  All this is used by Google to set a value for a metric called pagerank.   This pagerank value gives us some indication of ranking of the page vs other pages on the internet for that keyword phrase.  Maximizing pagerank for keyword phrases is the objective.

Effectiveness of SEO

The Effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization There has to be an assertive effort to build an online presence. It’s an investment in the business, it’s part of the value of the business. Over the last 13 years I’ve seen a lot of offerings for search engine optimization and most do not deliver the value to the client. SEO can only go so far to drive business, even though some businesses have used SEO very successfully to build specialty sites with high traffic, this had something to do with the nature of the business. The company definitely benefited from SEO, but it was not the SEO alone that got it, that traffic may have come from existing customers that bought or visited a store or event, or someone heard about the company from a friend through a social post. So again, SEO can only go so far.

Analytics Plan Example