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Our Trusted Web Experts

Here at WebAfford we’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest web design talent. Our team of website designers, web developers, and digital marketing experts are just the people to get you web ready!

Our clients never get lost in the shuffle, we are large enough to do whatever you need, but small enough to make it a one-on-one experience. We always know who you are!

We work with integrity, it’s the key cornerstone of our company policy, because of this, we are always working to achieve the highest standards and best results for our clients.


Jose has a diverse background. He has technical skills on the hardware and networking side, while having a love of marketing, particularly affiliate marketing. He has a tremendous knowledge of…

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Mina is our administrative head, she has an eye for details. She has worked for us for years, but also has a business background in restaurants and real estate.  She…

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James is a professional graphic designer who hails from the U.K. and is now living in South Florida. He has extension experience with photo composition, vector images and video enhancement. …

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Dickson is our apps development guy, he loves mobile and can take any website and create a mobile app for it. Expert in Amazon web services, databases and various programming…

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Alex is a workaholic, he's addicted to web technologies, We haven't found much he can't do technically. He can create custom code for all the popular platforms. But we really…

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Wes has mastered the art of website analytics, he can track just about any kind of activity on a website or ecommerce site. He also has a flare for creative…

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Susan works with many of our clients to help them get the website they need, whether it's communicating on SEO and content or helping them structure their websites. She is…

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With way over 20 years of IT experience.  Mark formed in 2004 to address his love of web design and online entrepreneurship. He's our big cheese and has provided…

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