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Bing Shopping History 2006 MSN adCenter introduced (displayed Yahoo! ads).

My introduction to the world of internet advertising, from the backend happen in 2006/2007 at Yahoo Marketing in Burbank, CA.

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Bing Shopping History
MSN adCenter introduced (displayed Yahoo! ads).

I was spell bound for the first week I was at Yahoo, the first two days I could barely type on my keyboard.   I couldn’t believe it, I had interviewed for a position over the phone that I couldn’t hear what company the interviewer had said.  They hired me, then I got details on where to go and I couldn’t believe it, I was going to a founder of the internet age ‘Yahoo’ .

Yahoo was a great experience, although completely brain draining and physically exhausting.  I was already past my prime time, here I was 44 years old working with a team of twenty and thirty somethings.  It was fast paced and the technology was fascinating.   To go by the glassed rooms where the whole of Yahoo Marketing monitored the Ad Networks that span across the globe.  To see some of the designs on how it was built at it’s core.   There was also fun, there was an in-house cafe bar and rec room with a Foosball table, granted I hadn’t played foosball since I was a teen, but I picked it back up soon enough and had a blast, it gave me a chance to interact with people from all over the building.

I knew it at the time that it was my one shot to be around the cutting edge of internet technology, you just know, this isn’t happening again, so you drink it up for all it is.



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