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We Know Online Digital Marketing For Business.

Online Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Search Advertising

Once your website design or ecommerce project is complete and launched, it’s time to think about promotion.  Also known as online marketing or internet marketing, this is the business of making your presence known and helping buyers find your products or services.

Google Ads
Yahoo Gemini

Search Advertising

Search Engine advertising is where Google got its financial start and it’s still no. 1 today, but there are others to consider.  Search advertising is very mature now and data and tools make highly targeted campaigns possible, but it is a deep subject we can tackle for you.

example of Google search ad


Display Ad Networks

Yahoo pioneered the display advertising model for the internet, it was the first internet company to find financial success with banner ads and publisher partners.

Google Ads
Yahoo Gemini

example of Display ad


Online Marketplaces

These days you have a much broader landscape, to add, you have to consider online marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Merchant, etc. , Display advertising networks such as Doubleclick, Social Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and once viewers of promotions have visited your site, you have to follow them to maximize your investment in the original advertising, this is done with retargeting ads.  We can consult and advise you on a strategy to navigate this complex and ever changing environment.

Google Shopping

Retargeting Advertising

Re-engage your
lost website visitors

On average, 98% of website visitors leave without taking action. Bring them back with retargeting!

Also known as remarketing ads.  This is second chance advertising. When visitors come to your website, we can find them later on the internet and show them your ad, reminding them of your product or service.  We will demonstrate this to you, as a visitor to  What do we mean by this, you’ll know it when you see it.

Google Shopping
Yahoo Gemini
Social Media

Advertising on Social Media

With the advent of MySpace, social networks began to capture huge audiences.  Facebook we all know is the largest now and they have an ad network that is very sophisticated but not so easy to understand.  If you have a product for social, we can help you navigate this space.  We’ve also run campaigs on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr.

Each platform is very different from the other, we can also setup the accounts and teach you how to use a tool that simplifies the posting management.

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Pinterest Ads
Twitter Ads
Ad Accounts

Advertising Account Setup and Training

We are always willing to setup an account for you and train you on using it. This includes advertising accounts.

Google Ads
Yahoo Gemini
Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Networks are a way to connect with online marketers that work on a fee or commission basis, they promote your product and if it sells you pay them a commission, this is great because you don’t pay for advertising.

We can also setup your website or online store for affiliate management or integrate with one of the many affiliate management services.

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