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Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
The Basics
What WORDS Do Your Prospects Use To Find You?

Search Engine Optimization

Getting free business is always great, when someone uses a search engine to find your website, you don’t have to pay if its not through a search ad.  Search engines like Google evaluate your website content for relevance to the keywords entered in the search.  If your website is highly relevant and popular for those keywords, then you may be shown in search results to the searcher, if they click to your site, then that’s a free referral, nothing better than free referrals.

This is still an important consideration today, but if your domain name is less than two years old, it may not be considered mature enough to be served in the search results.  In the past you could discover your search ranking,  but now Google doesn’t publish those results, so professionals adhere to best practices when building websites.  Generally speaking if your content is unique, meaningful and updated or grown, then with other factors such as a fast website and a self hosted website, among hundreds of other factors, Google will begin to serve up your website in search results.  If your business has any geography to it, then a local or regional focus can also be beneficial in showing up in search results.

As part of any website or online store, we have to think about content and how search engines and other search services interpret that content.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for a long time and is still a valid step in building any web presence to help prospects find your product or service. Links to your website are also important as well as local references in maps and directories.

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